Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dromaeo - Mozilla JavaScript Performance Test Suite

The other day I was expecting a JavaScript benchmark suite from Mozilla & Microsoft. Recently, Mozilla has released a performance test suite which they made available at Click on the links below to see the exact performance results of each browser.

  • Mozilla FireFox 3.0.1 - 10229.40 ms
  • Google Chrome - 8277.0 ms
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 - What did you say? IE? Sorry it was a non-starter. I think it got scared away by seeing this benchmark suite. It just completed only one of the tests and never completed the other ones. It just hangs. Better luck next time Microsoft. :(

Here also Chrome blasted almost all the benchmark tests, though it took more time in "DOM Modification" test than FireFox.

Well, Mozilla & Google has come up with their own test suites. It is now the turn of Microsoft to give their own. I don't think they will do. Any benchmark suite should be open for public scrutiny. I bet they will hire some third party to test and come up with a white paper saying that IE 8 is faster under some fancy test conditions.

I believe, in future Google will come up with more innovative web applications which requires faster JavaScript performance. This will improve the adoption rate of Chrome & Firefox.

Links:- John Resig - Dromaeo: JavaScript Performance Testing


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