Sunday, September 07, 2008

V8 & Sunspider - Java Script Benchmark tests

Today I ran the Java Script benchmark tests available from V8 Benchmark Suite - version 1 and SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark

I ran the tests in DELL my laptop which has Intel Core 2 Duo 7200 processor, 1 GB RAM, Windows Vista Business SP1. When I ran the V8 benchmark suite I got the following score. Higher scores means better performance.

  • Google Chrome v0.2.149.27 = 1648
  • FireFox v3.0.1 = 120
  • Internet Explorer v7.0 = 30

On running SunSpider Javascript Benchmark, I got the following score(in milliseconds). The results shows how quickly the tests were completed by each browser.

Click on the above browser links to see the actual test results. The results page also provides a way to compare the test results from other browser.

From the test comparison, it is sure GC's performance has blown away the browsers. GC is 7.4 times faster than FF and 17.3 times faster than IE.

Let  us see what is in store for FF 3.1 and IE 8. I would also like to see benchmark test suites from Mozilla and Microsoft. The above two test suites are all relate to Google Chrome. One is hosted through Google chrome V8 project and other through Webkit site.

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